Client Benefits

Diversity Direct provides many benefits to your organization. These include:

✔  100% Diversity Spend Credit, Tier 1
✔  Significant Cost Savings (Up to 14.5%)
✔  Visibility of Rates
✔  Compliance Transparency and Reporting
✔  Ability to Align Diversity Spend With Your Strategic Diversity Goals
✔  Single Point of Ownership

Diversity Direct allows our clients to streamline their current model:

Diversity Direct Streamlined Model

Below are the eight industry segments that our company has serviced, including some specific firms in each industry.

Client Testimonials

“Through their Diversity Direct Network, RSI is excellent at understanding our manager’s precise staffing needs and supplying us with diverse candidates that meet those needs while meeting and/or exceeding our cost objectives.

They “go the extra mile” to ensure that everything is proceeding as smoothly as possible, allowing us to concentrate on running our business rather than worrying about how we are going to satisfy our diverse staffing needs.” --A Leading Telecommunications Company, May 1, 2009

“The Diversity Direct network is a strategic portal for talent acquisition and has delivered cost savings and tremendous efficiencies in our contractor recruitment process. Our experience with Diversity Direct and their entire team have consistently added value in meeting our challenging technical, business, and cost objectives.” --A Leading Pharmaceutical Company, April 10, 2009